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So favourite Christmas Movie #1 - Return to Oz. This was the unofficial sequel to The Wizard of Oz, but came much later (1985). The story is much darker than the The Wizard of Oz, with Dorothy (Fairuza Blak) going to see a psychologist due to her reoccurring dreams and talk about Oz and all the characters within. Aunt Em leaves her in an institution for the night where she will receive what sounds like electro shock therapy (I know, pretty sinister), there’s a hugh storm, the clinic gets hit by lightening and she escapes with one of the other patients.

Without giving too much away, she runs in to the night, gets swept away by a river and then wakes up in Oz where she discovers the Emerald City has been destroyed by the Nome King and all her friends turned to stone. Dorothy with the help of new friends, Tik -Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Gump and her hen Billina has to try and restore the City and her friends and get her ruby slippers back from the Nome King so she can return home. 

Some of the really creepy characters are Mombi and the Wheelers. Mombi is a witch who has the heads of beautiful maidens in cases, which she swaps every day with her own. The Wheelers are sort of punks that work for Mombi and try to capture Dorothy and her friends throughout the film.

If there’s one movie that sums up my childhood this is it. I’ve seen it a million times and could watch it a million more. Defo one  to see if you haven’t already.

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